Reiki/Reiju  - Initiation Days

I decided to learn about Reiki to help animals and to teach others to connect from their hearts and to slowly  make a difference.  So my Reiki teachings and initiation  will be for people that have an affinity with animals and mother earth, for those of you that want to learn, make a difference and to truly connect from their heart. For true connection we have to open up our heart to the Universe and the best way to do this I've discovered is via horses, They have this amazing connection and spirituality, all we have to do is to let them guide us.  Horses have so much wisdom to bestow upon us, it will truly change your way of life once you have connected with one.

I have been doing Reiki initiation  for over 15 years. Once you have been initiated into Reiki you will open up to your true self,  to follow your true destiny, this is how Reiki works, it guides you on your journey and once initiated can never be taken away from you. 

Animals, especially horses, are great teachers, my herd have guided me along my journey of learning and healing and they still continue to teach me. We are all learning daily, we just have to open our hearts and listen and we will be taught.  

You cannot force healing onto animals, if they need or want it they will tell you. If they don't they will just walk away from you, it is their choice and we have to respect this, no matter how stupid it may make us feel!  So always be true to what the animal wants or asks for, this is the true understanding of healing, leave your ego behind and just listen.

I remember when I first starting using the powerful Reiki symbols/mantra`s with a flock of sheep in a barn where I was keeping my horses.   They'd just been brought into the barn as they were due to lamb and were all standing up looking scared and calling out continuously, I went in to try to comfort them and to apologise for the way humans treat them. I stood with them, slowly focusing on them, sending them love and healing, I was in a trance state of mind and when I came round they were all lying down quietly and at peace. This was one of my first experiences with Reiki and the power of love and intention. 

Anyway enough about me, here's a little bit of info about Reiki and the Chakra system.

The word chakra originates in Hindu texts - the Sanskrit word meaning wheel or turning cakra, In Buddhism 'cakka' means circle. spiraling vortices of life force or cosmic energy found along the spinal column, also associated with major endocrine glands. Each Chakra has it's own unique frequency/vibration/colour.

Chakras are our connection to the Universe.

Reiki energy connects to the heart centre and is used to heal the four bodies, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  This intrinsic system is called the Chakra system, which composes of 88,000 chakras. Reiki is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to yourself and share with others, because Reiki is about love, balance and empowerment. Empowerment comes as a direct result of balance and harmony.

Reiki Days:-

Be prepared for all eventualities, come prepared with waterproofs, warm clothing, a change of clothing, here in the Welsh hills the weather is unpredictable. Lunch is all plant based and included in the Reiki Initiation price. 

Reiki Initiation will be outdoors with the Arabians. Healing and teachings will be for animals, so on interaction and learning days you will be surrounded by animals, horses, dogs, chickens, an old cat called Arthur and some cheeky mice who eat the chicken corn.  

Days are from  10 a.m - 4 p.m. 

In the morning we will be interacting with the herd, learning about their energy field, chakras, dowsing, focusing, grounding, doing breathing exercises and meditation.

After lunch, you will have your initiation, then chill, discuss, and learn how to heal yourself.  If you are not healed and in balance/harmony there is no way you will be able to help others.  So this part of internal cleansing, ie. getting rid of all your turbulent internal junk is important.  Release and let go.  Reiki will teach you this and once you have been initiated  into Reiki, you will always have it within yourself. 

I will also be touching on the importance of colours and how they can heal, your colour choices play a big part in your life.

Reiki days consist of:-

Reiki Learning and Healing  Day.  £100.00 per day.  A day to gain an insight into Reiki and to learn a little bit about the heart chakra and on opening the heart to the universe via my beautiful Arabian horses.  They will walk with you and guide you on your journey of enlightenment.  

Reiki 1 Initiation - £120.00  For those of you that want to be initiated into the first Reiki level, which will incorporate the above plus the first Reiki Initiation/mantra/symbol so that you can go out and practice Reiki on your own animals

Reiki 2 Initiation   - £120.00  The next step in your consciousness of wanting to learn more and be initiated into the next level of Reiki/Initiation/mantra/symbol

Reiki 3 Initiation - £150.00  for all of you that have already been initiated to 1 and 2 Reiki and want to take Reiki to the next level and hopefully become a Reiki Initiator, teacher and spread the love.

There will also be follow on days for anyone that feels they want to come back and learn more, share their experiences after being attuned.  This will usually be around the 3 - 4 weeks after you have completed the cleansing/healing process. £75.00 per day.

Lunch is included and will be all plant based, plants heal, energize, vitalize and cleanse.

A journal or diary would be a good idea to record your day.

A photographer will be here to capture your magical moments.

Bring warm clothes and waterproofs as the day is outdoors.