My Arabian Herd.

My journey

Even though I have always been around horses since I was a young girl, my journey into the horse kingdom really truly started when Arabians came into my life.

Shahma was my very first Arabian and then came Toskin, until I had a little mini herd of Arabians.  Their insight and connection with the Universe is so powerful, this is when I truly connected and started to see horses as  a spiritual entitity.

My spiritual journey really took off and my path has led me to open my gates to other people who want to connect with my Arabians. To learn, heal, discover, and make a connection which will lead you along your own spiritual pathway of life on mother earth.

I have had really close connections with other animals in my life, but nothing as powerful as the opening of my heart via an Arabian to connect to the universe. Ever since I was a young child I had a sort of sixth sense, connection to the universe, but never really understood it.  It wasn't until Shahma came into my life that things started to change.  I've always been around horses for as long as I can remember  but something was triggered off in me when she came to live with us.   She has health ongoing problems due to neglect from when she was younger, when we first met, she chose me and I knew I had to rescue her.  She taught me focused riding, telepathy, healing, and helped me with my meditation,  she has been my greatest teacher. 

Then along came Toskin, an Arab gelding, again with health problems who just did not like being ridden. He taught me that horses are not just for riding, far from it, they have so much wisdom and knowledge to share with us. 

Around this time an acquaintance suggested I looked into Reiki which along with my two beautiful Arabians set me along my further pathway of connection with the universe. With Arabs you connect with your heart not your head, this is why I believe they came into my life to show me the way as I have always allowed my heart to control my destiny.

So I`d like you all the meet the rest of my Arabian herd - my teachers.

Next to introduce to you is Mingulay, or Mingo for short, a really cheeky character, who just loves being and standing with people,  he tends to let himself into the house and play around with my laptop.  Mingo has so much to share with us all.

Onto Vida, my little dancing queen as a lot of you know her as, she loves to dance,play, and go for long walks across the open hills.  She is just so inquisitive and is always wanting to learn and share new things with me. Even whilst doing chores on the yards or in the fields, Vida will find me and insist on dancing and playing, so be ready to dance when you meet Vida.

Sadly Toskin died a few years ago due to his ongoing health problems,  I never intended on getting another Arab, but then along came Vangellis, a beautiful yearling and a gift from Lynda Free of Dreamfield Arabians where my darling Vida came from.  He is nearly 3 now and a beautiful gentle soul who also just loves to play and chase me in and out of the trees as Toskin used to do.

I also have to mention two other Arabians that have been part of my life and brought more insights to our humble hilltop abode.  Lovely black Manta, a very unique complicated little fella as sweet as they come who now lives with Holly Davis and her two Arabians, Alfi and Haree.

Also just recently I had the pleasure to know Shah another black Arab that was going to be PTS, so he came here for healing and has since found his forever home.  

Shahma - one of my greatest teachers and my meditation buddy. 


Toskin - my beautiful boy and my play buddy.


Vida - my dancing buddy. 

Mingo - my PA and my cuddle buddy 

Vangellis - the baby of the herd 

The sixth sense of the Arabian mare The wild mare of Arabia was the ultimate achievement of nature. According to the Bedouin she was a mature and perfect creature with the gift of an intelligent spirit. This gift was bestowed upon the mare of Ishmael along with an intuitive soul to dwell within her beautiful, strong, and symmetrical body. The psychic powers of her animal spirit were gifts of God, just as her conscious mind developed through her intimate human association. The Arab’s believed that psychic power is never transmitted through stallions, though they posses it as much as the mares. An Arabian sire communicates physical qualities and nervous energies, but never the elements of mind and soul, which are outside the domain of physical laws. The elements of mind and soul were a spiritual gift to the first mare – Ishmael’s mare – who, the Arab’s insist, was not only special, but a twofold creation of God. She was brought into existence with an image of herself in her womb: a son who was only to serve later as a means of helping to reproduce her semblance on this earth. A perfectly developed male was born in Ishmael’s tent in the morning of her creation in the desert. For this mystical reason, the mare is always considered supremely important among the Bedouins. A stallion can only take secondary place. In mystical folklore the white horse represents and symbolizes the energy of one’s authenticity, one’s ‘Christ’ energy and connection to the divine. Through purging oneself of darkness and incongruent behaviors, the purest form, the white light of one’s being is allowed to flow and be expressed in the world. This energy is every living person’s given right, gift and responsibility. The totem of white horse encourages us to dance in our life, and to stand tall in our expression and loyalties.

  -Ancient Bedouin Legend  The horse is our teacher and we are the student . To communicate in a deeper level with our horse or horses everything you do must be done with pure intentions, free from malice, and in the spirit of complete love, trust and confidence. As we relax our human defenses, become less vigilant while our senses become more acute. In doing this we open our eyes at the things around us, we see things that have been there all along but have taken for granted. The beauty of the trees, the beauty of the sun rise and sunset;  We start to see the animal itself, the spirit that this animal puts forth in its every move; the magical spirit of the Horse. Our senses come alive and we find that we are watching the horse more and more out in the pasture. Everything around us becomes heightened, we become more sensitive to the various aspects of the experience, the sound of each hoof touching the ground, the way the muscle moves with each foot fall, the breathing. We begin to meditate on the inner energy that the horse puts out with each movement, the pure energy; its self flowing forth from the horse itself. White horses were the oracle animals of the Saxons. The white horse represents spirituality and spiritual purity, the “Otherworld” or other realm, Shamanic travel, also in other cultures.