Horse Heart Connection Retreat Days 

Retreat days have no set structure as we will be working with nature and the animal kingdom. When you arrive, we will walk around the fields breathing in the mountain air, listening to the rustle of the leaves, the wind blowing through the trees and slowly one by one the Arabians will come and introduce themselves to you.  This is when you will acknowledge their lesson  and connect via your heart. You will be taught what you need to learn and one of the Arabians will be your heart connection whilst you are here with us on your journey.

I will guide you through breathing and grounding exercises to help you connect with the herd, also I will help you to open your heart Chakra and rebalance yourself via meditation and just learning to be 'in the moment'.

If the weather is fine we  will be outdoors, if not we have undercover shelters. The weather is unpredictable here, so we need to go with the flow, but always remain in tune with mother earth, we have to embrace the elements, so please come prepared with waterproofs and warm clothing.

I'll only be taking 2 - 3 people at once as I don't want to overwhelm my Arabian herd.

This is a vegan, non smoking away day, so please respect this. If you are travelling a fair distance, I can research B & B`s in this area. Away days are either a Saturday or Sunday, or both. Maybe you would like to attend the Horse Heart Connection Day on the Saturday and the Reiki Attunement on the Sunday?

The importance of this Horse Heart Connection Retreat day is for relaxation, meditation, healing and basically to let go and reconnect. 

You will feel honoured when an Arabian chooses you for the day, the experience will delve you into your deepest realms. Some things you may not like, but release is important and the herd will help you to let go of any negative energies.

If you would prefer just one to one, this can be arranged also.

Days start at and finish at 4 p.m.  £120.00 per day.

Lunch and Refreshments are provided, all home made and plant based. Plants heal, energize, vitalize, cleanse and raise your vibrations.

There will be a photographer on the day to capture your special moments.

You might like to bring a journal to record your day.

We also have rescue dogs, chickens and an old rescue cat, so be prepared for the menagerie that will greet you.

You don't need to know anything about horses as they won't be ridden, they are here to help you and to guide you along your journey towards empowerment. I know most people have a great fondness for horses from a distance, well now is your time to really learn and connect with one of the greatest, spiritual beings on the planet.

Horse Heart Connection - Horses can help us reach a new way of knowing and reactivate our connection with the Universe, a respectful partnership approach to access the wisdom that horses hold. 

Our music is the wind, the rain, the rustle of the leaves in the trees,  water trickling,  horses snorting, horses breath, horses feet touching the earth, birdsong. You never know if you are lucky one of my special Arab souls will breath into your ear or nose, maybe even give you a kiss.  Sharing these moments is truly special and cannot be put into words.

In yoga, you sometimes hear that the heart is the “highest consciousness”—the thing least affected by avidya (ignorance / delusion)— the thing we need to learn to best honor. Medical science tells us the same thing; the heart literally has the strongest electromagnetic field in the body! The heart speaks, and when it speaks it deserves to be listened to. Because of its high electromagnetic charge, the heart can sense shifts in energies of people before words are spoken. Healing work always starts from the heart centre. True wisdom is perceived from the heart.

So ask yourself, why do we allow ourselves to be ruled by our heads instead of our hearts?

To reach true enlightenment we must open our hearts.