Come and spend a peaceful day in the company of mybeautiful Arabian horses, meditate amongst them and absorb their healing energies.  At Horse Heart Connection you will be shown how to open your heart chakra and re-connect, heal from within and absorb their energies. 

If you like you can also learn all about Reiki and become attuned so you can then help your own horses and other animals.

Set in the foothills of the Cambrian Mountains in Mid Wales -  

- it's the ideal place if you just feel the need to get away from it all, find somewhere nice and quiet and simply hang out with horses for a day.

I believe horses have been sent to us as a gift and we should honour them as our healers and teachers.  Just being close to a horse will empower you and heal you.  Horses offer insight, teach us and show us a better way to be, at HHC you will be guided and taught, by them, how to be 'in the moment'.

Once you have been connected and opened up your heart, this can never be taken from you.  

It is then up to you to embrace your new found consciousness.

Just being in the presence of horses fills you will love, opens your heart to far reaching realms and empowers you to be who you really are.  Horses have a great gift to teach us and to share their wisdom, all we have to do is open up to their special energies.  

The majority of us have lost the ability to be 'in the moment'. Every day we just get up and follow our regular old routine, mind jabbering away non stop, too much to do etc etc, and so it goes on day after day.

Mindfulness may reveal mental conflict within ourselves and others in the form of confusion, anger, despair, ambition. We must free our hearts so there are no more barriers or constrictions.  

A heart freed is completely at peace. 

I believe that horses have a really important part to play in helping people to open up their consciousness, they have an amazing gift to offer us through their connectivity to the universe. They delve deep and help us release our inner turmoils so that we can be free of our every day shackles.  

Horses can empower us in ways that are truly breathtaking.

Did you know that the heart has the strongest magnetic field of the body and that the heart and breath synchronize? Heart cells are unique in that they produce a strong electromagnetic signal extending as far as 12 - 15ft in the shape of a torus.  The power of the heart is truly amazing and horses have this huge heart power to help heal the human race and mother earth.

When we are influenced by negative emotions, we lose connectivity with cosmic consciousness, our heart closes and we disconnect from the natural universal harmony that surrounds us. Meditation amongst horses at liberty gives us a wonderful opportunity to just be 'in the moment' and they have this great gift which they are waiting to share with you.

Most people use their brains rather than their hearts, this is the way we have been conditioned and sadly our hearts are no longer in harmony with the rhythms of nature. Our spiritual path starts at the heart Chakra so we must re-connect and honour the wisdom of our hearts as the Ancients did.

The Heart communicates with the brain via vibration, heart vibrations are in sync with the Universe so we must ask our heart to guide us by aligning our heart and brain, only then will clarity and wisdom show us the way to our true pathway.

At Horse Heart Connection you will be connecting with mother earth through your heart amongst my Arabians. They will show you your inner troubles and open your heart so that you may learn to connect again with everything around you.  You will be on an equal footing with them, there will be no riding, just pure deep connection side by side with my Arabian herd.  It`s a place to learn and connect with horses on a totally different level.

I invite you to open your heart and see the true spiritual value of horses as our teachers and healers.

You don't have to know anything about horses, my Arabians will walk with you and connect with you on a spiritual level.  So whether you have horses in your life or not, this is the place to find yourself, connect with your inner self and to heal yourself.